Wanted: Isometric Pixel Artists

I’ve posted it at Pixeljoint, Way of the Pixel, and Reddit’s GameDevClassifieds before I remembered to post here: I’m looking for one or more paid artists to create sprites for Oaqn. Please feel free to pass on this job ad.

Immediately hiring one or more paid pixel artists to create sprites for 2.5d voxel game. Will involve establishing a visual style (no, I won’t play the “that’s not what I couldn’t say I didn’t want, I won’t pay” game).

Oaqn (pronounced Oaqn “oaken”) is an in-progress browser-based trading game. Players own caravans and move them around with a live, third-person over-the-shoulder view of texture-mapped voxel terrain. Setting is roughly pre-renaissance, 14th century Europe – Marco Polo’s travels was a big inspiration, but historical accuracy/avoiding anachronisms is not a big concern. More info on the game design here: http://blog.oaqn.com/2011/week-0-getting-started



  • 16×16 up to 64×64 sprites
  • isometric view, 1:2 ratio, eg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pixel-Art_TAI%D0%AFAUQIT%D0%98A.gif
  • Most will be single-angle, only player objects will get 8 angles.
  • PNG with alpha transparency
  • Style more towards icons than representational, I’m not looking for gritty realism. (I take responsibility for the current vagueness of this description.)

What I need done:

  • Caravan wagons (8 angles)
  • Livestock – horses, camels, cows, sheep, etc.
  • Trees
  • Tents
  • Buildings
  • City
  • Signs, markers, banners
  • many, many goods: lumber, stone, hay, ore, etc.


  • No spec work, no “profit sharing”.
  • Piecework – name a price for a couple sprites, do it, get paid on delivery.
  • Payment in US dollars via PayPal.
  • This is “work for hire”, so I’ll own copyright after payment. You’re welcome to use it in a portfolio, but not resell or reuse the work elsewhere.

Please email me at ph@push.cx with links to sprites you’ve done and rate per sprite. I’ll respond with a yes or no within two days, and we’ll start small with one or two sprites to minimize risk on both sides. Must be able to chat on Jabber (aka GMail Chat) to plan work.

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